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Let us design and create a customized Metal Building just for your needs. Our span of projects covers from Commercial Buildings, Workshops and Storage to Living accommodations.

Our metal buildings are engineered by experts and fabricated with first quality materials and standards.

Standard Steel Joist is a great choice for many building projects, its purpose is to support roofs or deck floors and to help with weight distribution from the top of the deck to the i-beams and columns.

We care about our customers and we make sure or steel joists follow the specifications of the Steel Joist Institute. 

Customizable orders can be manufactured for your building or project’s needs.



Professional metal processing. Highly experienced & equipped personnel.

Galvatec Inc. is a metal building and steel manufacturing company that offers high-quality products and reliable service to customers and contractors in the Houston area.

We assist our customers in the steel building construction industry to meet their projects’ expectations. We maintain good business relationships to ensure our customers are satisfied so their trust in our services increases so we are chosen to assist them in future projects.

We work with care and dedication to develop and deliver the best solutions in steel building construction, to turn our client’s ideas into reality.

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